Smart Up, Start Up

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and sole proprietors, you, and many startups like you, are the driving economic force in communities across the country. But big ideas don’t always correlate to big bank accounts. That’s why we created our Start Up, Smart Up packages offering cost-effective marketing solutions to help community businesses launch, grow, and succeed.

After all, Adworkshop started out as two people with 400 bucks and a dream.

Hey you future successful business owner you, are you launching a new venture? Do you need to recharge your promotional marketing? Is it time to create a new responsive website or freshen up that logo you’ve been using since the Reagan administration?

We designed our Start Up, Smart Up services specifically for you, the small business owners, the entrepreneurs, the makers, the mavens.  You’ve got a challenge, we’ve got a smart solution.

Our Start-Up, Smart-Up solutions come in several packages:  Website Solution, Local Search Marketing, Public Relations, Brand & Logo Development, Social Media Strategy & Coaching, and Business Card Development.

Website Solution

You don’t need to spend beaucoup bucks to create a seamlessly adaptive website for your burgeoning business. Our simple website solution provides quality design with a basic navigation to create a clean, intuitive experience for users. Our team also ensures that once your business takes off, you can modify and add on to your Start Up website easily.

Features include:

  • Modern CMS framework that supports future upgrades
  • Responsive design
  • Menu system with internal page navigation
  • On-site search
  • Social sharing
  • Google Analytics tracking integration

Local Search Marketing

Optimize your local listings to ensure that you’re not only found online, but earning Google’s respect for taking your search engine results to the full extent of their local listing power. Google likes this, so do we.

Public Relations

You’re buzz-worthy, but how to tell people? Well, our hive of PR pros will help establish your business or product by creating a proactive plan that positions you in key markets. We’ll connect you with the right audience at the right time. It’s all honey from here.

Social Media Strategy & Coaching

Connect with your audiences where they are with our Social Media Strategy & Coaching program. Whether you need assistance building your channels or audiences from ground zero, or just need a refresher on best practices and new trends in social media outreach on Facebook and Instagram, or tactics, we’ll help you grow and manage your social calendar, online and off.

Brand & Logo Development

The visual stamp of your business should catch the eye and ensnare the heart…or in the very least showcase who you are and what you’re all about. We’ll work with you to develop the look and feel of your brand with our toolkit of proven strategies and tactics.

Business Card Development

Your calling card should showcase the essence of what you’re all about. You’ll work with our creative team to design a card that says “I’ve arrived,” or “I’m just here for the lunch drawing.” Either way, we’ll help you create a professional business card you can be proud to hand out. 

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About Adworkshop

Adworkshop is an employee-owned integrated marketing agency providing strategic consulting and creative marketing solutions that help clients solve their evolving business challenges. Rooted in destination marketing from the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, Adworkshop has grown into an agency of 30+ talented employees whose expertise across marketing disciplines leads to innovative strategies and measurable results for destination marketing organizations, tourism businesses, active outdoor companies, educational institutions, health care companies, economic development agencies, and other businesses.

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January 3, 2019

Fast-Growing Marketing Agency with Offices in Lake Placid and Saratoga Springs Hires Seasoned Strategist to Lead Creative Team

October 30, 2018
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