Digital Marketing

What you’re putting out into the digital world matters more than you think. Effective and engaging content, captivating social posts, and all optimized so you can be found by search engines. These are the keys to a successful digital marketing plan. Our team is here to execute this for you and to help you reach your goals. In other words, we’ve got your back.

Our digital marketing tactics can be summed up easily. We create content that matters, optimized so you can be found, and promoted creatively and passionately through social media.

Our talented and collaborative digital marketing team spans specialties and works together to make you stand out from the crowd. From our in-house Google-certified search marketing specialists to our content creators and social media gurus, our expertise spans the digital marketing industry. We tap into the latest trends and employ them to your brand’s advantage. Whether you need assistance with your social media channels, pitching your story to the media, are looking for content for that upcoming website launch, or just can’t seem to get found online, we’ll create an integrated plan that’s tailored just for you.

Analysis & Reporting

With data-driven marketing becoming more prominent, you may be left wondering what to do with all that information. Our team of analysts is here to take the reins. We will work with you to provide insight into your overall website sessions, goal conversions, user information, and behavior flow to create a solid strategy for achieving informed success.

If you’re just scratching the surface of Google Analytics, don’t worry. Our team will review your Google Analytics profile, focusing on the configuration of advanced features to transport you to a greater understanding. Our coaching experts will bring you up to speed quickly, providing you with the essentials to stay on top of all that data.

Who, what, when, why, how? Wouldn’t you like to know? With reporting covering more than just your search campaigns, we can track visitor action on your website from start to finish, down to the very last detail. We offer insights on how to fully optimize your marketing priorities, business goals, and analytic needs.  

Search Marketing

First and foremost, search marketing is much more than search engine rankings. It’s about a constant optimization process, tweaking things to adapt to algorithm changes from search engine behemoths like Google, Bing and Yahoo!, and instituting paid pay-per-click and social media advertising programs to drive traffic to your website.

On the organic search side of things, our search team works closely with other internal teams to form a strategy that encompasses that constant tweaking, regular content updates, and innovative social efforts-- all the stuff that Google, and other search engines, believe comprise a ‘healthy’ online presence. Learn  about how our team is handling Google's recently announced mobile Page Speed update for clients, and what it means for your business.

In today’s mobile dominant society it is imperative that local business listings are accurate and consistent across the various online search engines, namely Google, Bing, and Apple. Our team of Yext-certified professionals offers a free local listing scan tool to help you understand how your business is represented across multiple platforms, and will tackle the often tedious task of manually updating your local listings so you don’t have to.

For our paid search tactics, we have a team of Google AdWords-certified specialists who understand the ins and outs of running an effective pay-per-click campaign that’s optimized, targeted and keeps costs low while still driving traffic and conversions to your website. 

Social Media Strategy + Management

Social media provides that one-on-one engagement opportunity so many brands seek with their customers – and on a scale much larger than could ever be possible before the Internet became, well, a thing. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and whatever the next big social network might be – our social media mangers help you determine what will prove most effective to reach and engage with your target audience. Every brand is different and social media is all about finding where you fit in best. 

Next, we get social, crafting posts and monitoring engagement with a 24/7 mentality so nothing slips through the cracks and your audience comes back for more. And to top it all off, we analyze the efforts to see what worked, what didn’t, and how we can improve moving forward.

Content Strategy + Writing

We do what it takes to accurately convey what your brand is all about. Interviews, some serious research, and creative writing are all incorporated into our content strategy and writing process. 

A solid content strategy is supported by a strong organic search marketing campaign so you’re optimized and easy-to-find online. We can write as much or as little as you need. Our content team can also develop ideas, headlines, and copy outside the scope of digital marketing in coordination with our creative design team or our video production crew. Whatever your needs, we write to please.

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About Adworkshop

Adworkshop is an employee-owned integrated marketing agency providing strategic consulting and creative marketing solutions that help clients solve their evolving business challenges. Rooted in destination marketing from the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, Adworkshop has grown into an agency of 30+ talented employees whose expertise across marketing disciplines leads to innovative strategies and measurable results for destination marketing organizations, tourism businesses, active outdoor companies, educational institutions, health care companies, economic development agencies, and other businesses.

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